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    MasterTop 1324 - Seamless, self-smoothing heavy duty polyurethane based flooring system


    A multi-component, polyurethane based system for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of traffic, impact and abrasion. Enhanced flexibility provides excellent impact resistance and reduces the risk of cracking due to substrate movement. MasterTop 1324 is available in smooth or slip-resistant profiles.

    • MasterTop P 650 - is a high grade, lowviscosity, two-component epoxy resin primer and substrate sealer.​
    • MasterTop BC 375N - is a non-solvented, low emission, two-component self-levelling polyurethane floor coating.
    • MasterTop TC 442W Pigmented - is a water borne, non-solvented, low emission, twocomponent PU top coat which cures to a matt finish.
    • MasterTop TC 468 Pigmented - Polyurethane based, UV resistant, pigmented, elastic, matt, two-component finish floor coating.
    • ​MasterTop TC 943 Pigmented - is a non solvented, two-component topcoat producing a light stable, tough and durable surface with a lightly structured satin-matin finish that has exceptional scratch, impact and wear resistance. 
    • ​MasterSeal TC 257 (Pigmented) - is a twocomponent hard wearing pigmented aliphatic polyurethane coating designed for application in heavily trafficked areas. It provides a UVresistant, hard-elastic surface resistant to chemicals and abrasion. ​
    • MasterTop SR 1 - A graded high purity quartz aggregate with a particle size in the range of 0.0-0.3mm.​
    • MasterTop SR 3 - A graded high purity quartz aggregate with a particle size in the range of 0.3-0.9mm.​

    What is MasterTop 1324 used for?

    Industrial floors, which require a matt, durable abrasion-resistant finish such as loading bay areas, production/assembly halls, exhibition halls, hospitals and schools, warehouses, service corridors, aircraft hangars.


    Job References - MasterTop 1324

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