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    Alpha Dry Adhesive - Dry-mix polymer adhesive for insulation board

    What is Alpha Dry Adhesive?​

    Alpha Dry Adhesive is a dry-mix polymer adhesive containing Portland cement, and requiring only water for mixing.

    What is Alpha Dry Adhesive used for?

    • For use with the Senerflex® Wall System to adhere insulation board to the following acceptable substrates: MasterSeal AWB 661HP, MasterSeal AWB 661I, unpainted and unglazed concrete or unit masonry, paperfaced gypsum sheathing, fiberglass mat-faced gypsum sheathing, water-resistant core gypsum sheathing, cement-board, etc.
    • To adhere insulation board to insulation board.​

    What are the benefits of Alpha Dry Adhesive​?

    • Does not require heated shipping or storage, just add water to mix
    • Use for small repairs, reduces dumpster and landfill costs of unit disposal
    • Reduces the chance for efflorescence
    • Trowels easily, speeds mesh embedment, reduces applicator arm fatigue, increases jobsite productivity
    • Safe, non-toxic, clean up easily with soap and water


    Alpha Dry Adhesive_TDS

    pdf (489.23 Kb)


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