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    ​WABO FINGER JOINT - Smooth riding expansion joint system​


    WABO FINGER JOINT is designed for use in heavy traffic bridge structures. This system allows the bridge deck to move while maintaining a smooth and low noiseriding surface. The WABO FINGER JOINT is engineered to last longer than the bridge deck and can be used for new bridges or as a replacement joint alike. The system is easy and fast to install, using anchor bolts in one single operation. The finger plates are cantilevered and are anchored on each side of the structural gap. The main movement of the Finger Joint is along the axis of the fingers themselves. The fingers are sinusoidal in shape to allow the movement to take place, without posing any traffic hazard in the form of sharp tooth. 


    • Durable: WABO FINGER JOINT is engineered to last longer than the bridge deck they protect. This is achieved by using high-grade material in a simple yet robust design. The design is aimed at minimizing bolt shear offs using tension bolts, which is the most common type of failure for finger joints. High strength structural grade steel increases the life of finger plates under fatigue load due to traffic.
    • Corrosion Protection: Long term corrosion protection of steel is ensured by providing minimum 100-micron thick Hot Dip Zinc Galvanizing. Based on special project needs.
    • Waterproofness:​ The Reinforced EPDM membrane with gutter type connection allows run off water to drain through the bridge drainage outlet.
    • Finger Profile: The finger profile is sinusoidal which reduces the traffic hazard in case of differential settlement of decks. This particular profile is also non-hazardous for bicycle and motorbike wheels. 


    • Sealing of joints on bridges and highways movement up to 480.
    • Skewed joints.
    • High impact and repetitive loading conditions.
    • New construction or repair and maintenance of existing joints.​



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