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    ​WABO MODULAR - ​​Large movement expansion joint systems​


    WABO MODULAR Expansion Joint is designed for large movement and use in heavy trafficked bridge structures requiring movements in excess of 100 mm. This joint system allows the bridge deck to move while maintaining a smooth watertight riding surface.

    WABO MODULAR joint system longevity comes from the stable design of simple span concept with huge section of steel center beam and support bar system, which combines the strength to support traffic loads and impacts with the flexibility to accommodate continual structural movement. Each WABO MODULAR Joint is made to order and available in any shape and direction changes of bridge deck and curved parapet.


    Versatility: WABO MODULAR joint systems is able to provide a smooth riding surface while absorbing the impact of heavy traffic. Each modular joint is engineered and manufactured to meet a variety of conditions and requirements.

    Watertight: WABO MODULAR joint systems reliably seal the joint gap, keeping runoff water from passing through to the substructure. The continuous elastomeric sealing element offers twice the leak proofing protection by being bonded to the steel members and then mechanically locked in place.

    Durable: WABO MODULAR joint systems are engineered to last longer than the bridge decks they protect. Each separation beam is connected to support bar ensuring rigidity in resisting horizontal forces from traffic and, at the same time, providing free movement in the direction of expansion and contraction of the structure


    • Sealing of joints on bridges with movements greater 100 mm.​​
    • Rehabilitation or new construction.
    • High impact and repetitive loading conditions.​



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