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    ​WABO STRIPSEAL ​- Armored small movement expansion joint system


    WABO STRIPSEAL expansion joint system consists of an elastomeric seal mechanically locked between two steel edge members providing a superior watertight sealing system. The rugged design of the WABO STRIPSEAL system can easily accommodate the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements up to 125 mm. WABO STRIPSEAL systems can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of field configurations along with multidirectional movements. The WABO STRIPSEAL has been engineered so that the elastomeric seal can be inserted either prior to or after securing the steel shapes to the superstructure.


    Versatility:​ WABO STRIPSEAL that utilize steel edge members provide a basis for greater movement potential. The elastomeric sealing element allows least resistance to racking movements of skewed joints. A choice of steel edge members will suit any new construction or rehabilitation project.

    Resilience:​​ The WABO STRIPSEAL handles all types of joint movements and configurations. High impact and bridge deck deflections will not interfere with the operations of the system.

    Watertightness: The continuous elastomeric sealing element offers additional leak proof protection by being bonded to the steel edge members and then mechanically locked into place. The elastomeric seal can be factory molded for horizontal changes and joint intersections.

    Heavy duty: WABO STRIPSEAL system can accommodate all types of joint movements and configurations under heavy and repetitive impact loadings.


    • Sealing of joints on bridges and parking decks.
    • Skewed joints.
    • High impact and repetitive loading conditions.
    • Expansion joint applications with maximum movement up to 125 mm.
    • New construction or repair and maintenance of existing joints.​



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