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    MasterBrace ADH 2200 - High strength, non-flow, epoxy bedding and repair mortar

    How does MasterBrace ADH 1414 work?

    MasterBrace ADH 2200 is a non slumping epoxy bedding compound and adhesive. It is a two pack, fine aggregate filled, fast curing material, ideal for a variety of bedding, gap filling and concrete repair applications. 

    MasterBrace ADH 2200 is a stiff but easily workable compound that can be applied by either trowel, spatula or knife. It cures to give high mechanical properties typical of epoxy compounds. It is resistant to oils, greases, petroleum, salts, many acids and alkalis and most commonly met corrosive media. It does not shrink on curing, and is designed to be used when cured from below freezing point to 60°C. Its impact resistance, and mechanical strength is greater than that of concrete.

    Why is MasterBrace 2200 a unique solution?

    • High strength.
    • Non-slump.
    • Strong adhesion.
    • Impact resistant
    • Chemical resistant

    Where can MasterBrace 2200 be applied ?

    For surface repairs of fine cracks and spalls. For gap filling, grouting, bedding fixtures etc. For repairs to arrisses without the use of form work. Wherever a thixotropic epoxy mortar is required.
    • Bedding bridge beams or steel bridge bearings.
    • Repairing surface defects or to honeycombing concrete in horizontal, vertical or overhead situations.
    • Fixing slip bricks to concrete.
    • Securing bolts into walls.
    • Dowel bars anchoring.
    • As a gap filling adhesive.
    • Filling bolt pockets.
    • Bedding tiles.
    • Repairing concrete posts in-situ.
    • Fixing of surface ports for crack injection.

    MasterBrace ADH 1441

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    MasterBrace ADH 2200

    High strength, non-flow, epoxy bedding and repair mortar

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