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    MasterEmaco S 442 - A single component, advanced repair mortar based upon applied Nanotechnology especially designed for repairs to corrosion damaged concrete

    How does MasterEmaco S 442 work?

    MasterEmaco S 442 is a combination of Portland cement, well graded sands, specially selected fibres and additives formulated to reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks, and to improve physical and application properties. 

    When mixed with water MasterEmaco S 442 produces a thixotropic repair mortar, suited to hand and *spray application.

    Where is MasterEmaco S 442 applied?

    • Refurbishment of all structural concrete elements such as:
    • Oil gas and petrochemical foundations, supports and retaining walls.
    • Jetties piles, harbour walls and other marine structures.
    • Columns, Piers and cross beams on highway structures.
    • Water production, treatment, intake and outfall structures and sewerage facilities.
    • Tunnels, pipes and other below ground construction.
    • Cooling towers and chimneys and other industrial environments.
    • Beams, columns, walls and slabs in high rise buildings.

    What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 442?

    • Improved cement hydration reducing microdefects, drying shrinkage, and enhancing bond using applied Nanotechnology.
    • Dimensional stable repairs, low permeability and enhanced durability through synergistic shrinkage control systems and best binder models.
    • Better physical properties, reduced early age and long term cracking tendency, by the use of EE Fibre technology
    • Excellent workability for easier mixing placing and finishing

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