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    ​MasterEmaco SBR 2 - High dispersion SBR Latex ensuring higher mixing efficiency with water reduction for site batched mortars & waterproofing / bonding slurry / screed


    How does MasterEmaco SBR 2 Work ?

    MasterEmaco SBR 2 is a milky-white, Styrene-Butadiene co-polymer latex liquid, produced from styrene and butadiene by high pressure emulsion polymerization with high dispersive properties. When used with cement, concrete and plaster, it reduces the mixing time through high dispersion of the polymer and improves waterproofing, new to old concrete/plaster bonding and strength characteristics and reduces shrinkage and cracking of the mix.

    Recommended Uses:

    • Concrete repair: Spalled concrete, repairing floors, beams and pre-cast slabs, chajjas etc.
    • Bond Coat: For bonding new concrete to old concrete, plaster, stone/brick masonry.
    • Plaster repair: For repairing plaster or making water proof plaster which is better than normal plaster.
    • Floor screeds and toppings: Abrasion resistant and non-dusting floors.
    • Waterproofing: Basements side walls and rafts, lift pits, inspection pits, sunken/overhead water tank, sunken portions of bathrooms and toilets, balconies, chajjas, exposed roofs before finished screed.
    • Other typical applications: Bedding tiles, fixing or re-fixing slip bricks.

    What are the features and Benefits of MasterEmaco SBR 2 ?

    • Multiple applications: Robust product that is economical, easy to handle and store.
    • Easy to Mix: Faster mixing to enhance worker efficiency.
    • Shrinkage/crack control: High flexural / tensile strength to control cracking.
    • Mortar modifier- Improved flexibility, no bleeding, lower water cement ratio and high resistance to water penetration.
    • Improves physical/mechanical properties – higher abrasion resistance, good adhesion to building materials similar thermal characteristics to concrete.
    • Corrosion control: Prevents corrosion of embedded steel.​
    • High Dispersion technology: Allows for better workability at slightly reduced water

    MasterEmaco P 130

    MasterEmaco S 466

    Dual shrinkage compensated, high flow,high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs

    MasterEmaco S 488

    Dual shrinkage compensated, thixotropic high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs

    MasterEmaco SBR 2

    MasterEmaco N 202

    A single component cementitious blowhole filler and levelling mortar for cosmetic repairs to new construction

    MasterEmaco N 307

    Single component polymer modified fairing coat. Cosmetic mortar for concrete surfaces