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    MasterFlow 648

    Epoxy-based, high-strength precision grout for heavy dynamic and static loads

    Speed of installation and safety in use are key factors when specifying a precision grout for heavy machinery with fast-moving parts. Using the right material is important in the short term for optimal installation and critical in the long term for operator safety and minimal maintenance.

    What is MasterFlow 648?

    MasterFlow 648 is a three-part, epoxy-based, high-strength precision grout for fixing heavy machinery. Its final viscosity and flow characteristics can be adjusted to suit the particular project and application by varying the filler quantity. 

    Masterflow 648 combines high-temperature performance and crack resistance with outstanding flow characteristics.

    Where to use MasterFlow 648?

    Use MasterFlow 648 when assembling and fixing compressors, high-rotating turbines, mills, generators and dynamic loading machinery to withstand heavy static and dynamic loads. The grout can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 12-150mm, and its high performance means that machinery can be operated safely long term.

    What makes MasterFlow 648 a unique solution?

    Masterflow 648 has high toughness and impact resistance under dynamic and repetitive loading. It is non-shrink, has excellent adhesion to steel and concrete and resists many industrial chemicals. It maintains very high performance even at higher working temperatures, with reduced creep, ensuring precision alignment is maintained.

    MasterFlow 648 is formulated to allow a variable filler ratio to optimise flowability, bearing area and economics. This variable filler ratio means that Masterflow 648 can cope with most machinery grouting geometries. Rapid curing reduces downtime and allows timely scheduling of new installations. 

    The grout’s non-shrink properties and excellent adhesion to steel and concrete guarantee full transmission of loads and increase machinery's operational safety, even in harsh environments.

    Masterflow 648 is certified in compliance with EN 1504-6.​​​​​​

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