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    MasterFlow 932 AN - A pure epoxy bonded anchoring system

    How does MasterFlow 932 AN work?

    MasterFlow 932 AN is a two-component pure epoxy bonded anchoring system for use in cracked and uncracked concrete under normal as well as seismic conditions (seismic category C1). Designed for most demanding structural applications and rebar connections, MasterFlow 932 AN offers high load-bearing capacity.

    Where is MasterFlow 932 AN applied?

    • Structural applications in cracked and uncracked concrete applications in seismic zones (C1)
    • Façades
    • Post installed rebar connections
    • Crash barriers
    • Structural steel

    What are the advantages of MasterFlow 932 AN?

    • Fixings close to free edges
    • Fire tested
    • Versatile
    • Anchoring without expansion pressure
    • High load capacities
    • Extended gel/open time

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