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    Mortars for fast concrete repair

    MasterEmaco concrete repair systems re-establish strength, structural integrity and aesthetics of concrete

    Time is a major decision driver when choosing a repair solution. Owners and applicators rely on repair mortars that are easy to work with, durable, and most importantly fast. Closing down a busy street, a bridge or a part of a production plant always causes a lot of challenges.

    The MasterEmaco portfolio of repair mortars provide a fully compatible product system approach for substituting deteriorated concrete and re- establishing the original strength, structural integrity, and aesthetics.

    The Superior hardening properties of our MasterEmaco products enable a quick return to service and allow the job to be finished within a day!

    Fast Repair Solutions - 1 day  1 day fast application

    The 3 main benefits making our solutions the right choice when every minute counts:

    Fast Repair Solutions - fast return to survive  Fast Return to Service

    For owners and engineers the repair of damaged concrete structures in the shortest amount of time is also of utmost importance. Fast MasterEmaco repair mortars from MasterEmaco can lower maintenance costs and limit disruption of activities significantlywhile the solution remains robust enough for most jobsite conditions.


    Fast Repair Solutions - high performance  Superior Performance

    The MasterEmaco line of superior performance products re-establishes the long-term durability and load bearing capacity of concrete. These products match the concrete’s properties for a full compatibility, they prolong the lifecycle of the structure and work rapidly to ensure a quick return to service. The long-lasting properties of MasterEmaco are reducing maintenance cycles of structures.


    Fast Repair Solutions - low temperatures Easy Planning Management

    Specialised repair mortars from the MasterEmaco range allow applications even at low temperatures. Planning maintenance is simplified since the job can be done during the cold season when there is less traffic or production rate is lower.

    Fast repair solutions for civil engineering, road repair, industry and car parks

    Whether it is civil engineering, road repair or industry and car parks, we have the right long-lasting and fast solutions in order to quickly get things moving again.

    Our wide range of concrete repair mortars

    Successful refurbishment projects require more than a single solution. We offer a wide range of customized repair mortars and individual support. So you can focus on what really matters on the job site: To get the job done as quickly as possible.

    1. Horizontal road and concrete repair

    Horizontal road and concrete repair


    To avoid risky traffic jams, to re-open closed streets earlier,  or to repair floors in industry, a fast solution is necessary. With MasterEmaco products, it is possible to return to service after just a few hours.


    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX
    MasterEmaco T 1200 PG
    MasterEmaco T 1400 FR

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for horizontal road and concrete repair

    2. Vertical and overhead repair

    Vertical and overhead repair


    Refurbishment and repairs on bridges and in tunnels are a risky venture. A fast and reliable solution is important so that a quick re-opening to service can be guaranteed. MasterEmaco offers the best properties to master this challenge.


    MasterEmaco S 544 RS

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for vertical and overhead repair

    3. Manhole repair

    Manhole repair


    Although there are many types for different functions, manholes should have one common point: Long lasting and at exactly the same level as the road. It is best when you do not notice them.


    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX
    MasterEmaco T 1200 PG
    MasterEmaco T 1400 FR

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for manhole repair

    4. Road nosing

    Road nosing

    Road nosing is a piece of art produced with high technology. A reliable fixing ensures the durability and the correct functionality of the joint.

    MasterEmaco T 1200 PG
    MasterEmaco T 1400 FR

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for road nosing

    5. Anchoring


    They are invisible and usually not noticed, but all structures need them and rely on them. Anchoring structures are an important component in the building industry. That’s why the anchoring product should be of high quality and durable.

    MasterFlow 960

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for anchoring

    6. Cold temperatures

    Cold temperatures

    Severe conditions highlight differences: While most mortars are unsuitable for use in winter, the unique MasterEmaco T range delivers a remarkable performance – even when temperatures drop below zero.

    MasterEmaco T 545
    MasterEmaco T 2040
    MasterEmaco T 2800 PG

    Video: Application of MasterEmaco products for concrete repair under severe weather conditions

    Direct contact

    Chris Gallivan

    Product Manager, Construction Systems - UK & Ireland

    +44 7966123422