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    Solutions for the Power generation Industry

    Maintain, repair and protect complex structures​​

    Our modern world has ever-increasing energy demands. Statistics show by 2030 we will need 40% more primary energy. As the global leader in solutions for the Power Generation Industry, the Master Builders Solutions experts partner with you to support the industry's requirements cost effectively, reliably and sustainably.

    Master Builders Solutions maintains and improves the performance and durability of the world’s power generation facilities.

    The Master Builders Solutions brand contains a comprehensive range of repair and protection products that maintain and improve the structural durability and performance of power generation facilities and installations. Our products and solutions meet and exceed the requirements of traditional power generation industries as well as supporting the expansion of newer alternative energies such as on and offshore wind power.

    Master Builders Solutions superior technical service team draws on over 100 years of experience in the construction industry, delivering innovative solutions and products that keep costs down and can withstand severe conditions and aggressive environments by optimizing structural integrity and maintaining complex repairs.




    Fatigue resistant grouting solutions where they are needed most

    Master Builders Solutions experts have engineered a ultra-durable grout offering to meet the demands of the power generation industry. Uniquely formulated to accept extreme environments and conditions, these grouting solutions can reliably withstand dynamic loading temperature extremes, vibrations and nuclear radiation.

    Designed for ease of application and cost effective installations, MasterFlow grouts are highly resistant to impact and vibration. They administer total structural and load bearing support to machinery and controlled set times, while maintaining the precision alignment of critical equipment.

    One of the fastest growing sectors globally is the production of renewable energy from wind power generation. Master Builders Solutions​ helps the wind industry be more successful by developing the MasterFlow range of ultra high-strength, fatigue resistant grouts. Specially formulated for the grouting of on- and offshore wind turbine installations, they are able to withstand high wind loads, dynamic forces and aggressive temperature changes, as well as absorb enormous vibrations.


    Ground Consolidation for Bridges, Rail & Roads

    Learn more about our Tunneling Solutions