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    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX

    Fast-setting and hardening, extra-high-strength, thixotropic, fast-setting traffic repair mortar

    ​Keeping traffic repairs on track demands a repair mortar that can meet a challenging range of conditions and performance requirements to keep disruption and road closures to a minimum. Using a versatile mortar that gains strength quickly, even in the coldest weather, is essential to optimise traffic management. From fixing manhole covers and curbstones to performing patch repairs, MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX delivers.

    Where to use MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX

    This extra-strong mortar has numerous uses, both inside and outside, achieving high early strength even at sub-zero temperatures down to -10°C. These are just some of the applications where MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX can be used:
    • ​Bedding small-med​ium manhole frames
    • Bedding pavement stones and curbstones
    • Sloped patching areas
    • Horizontal patch repair areas
    • Cold storerooms
    • For minimal traffic disruption

    What makes MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX different?

    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX stands out for its reliability in even the most difficult jobsite conditions. As well as its rapid strength gain, which allows return to service in just two hours, MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX provides superb adhesion, durability and freeze-thaw resistance. It also offers excellent protection of steel reinforcement thanks to low water absorption and good resistance to carbonation, as well as very high resistance to carbonisation. From a safety perspective, it provides superior slip resistance even when wet.

    What is MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX?

    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX’s formulation includes sulphate-resistant Portland cement (HSR LA), hydraulic binders, well-graded sands, specially selected polymer fibres (PAN – polyacrylonitryl), which minimise cracking by controlling shrinkage, and special additives. ​


    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (187.65 Kb)

    Direct contact

    Daghan Erel

    Technical Sales Manager, Car Parking Systems - UK

    +44 7584532212


    MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (187.65 Kb)