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    MasterProtect H 303

    Alkyl Alkoxysilane Based Water Repellent


    MasterProtect H 303, is a water-based alkyl alkoxy silane having a volatile organic content lower than 350 grams per litre. It penetrates into the substrate and chemically reacts within the pores of the cementitious substrates.


    MasterProtect H 303 is a clear penetrating water repellent to protect both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces exposed to weathering effects and chloride ions. MasterProtect H 303 can be used on old and new (cured) structures;
    • Bridge decks, piers columns and beams.
    • Multi-Storey car parks, building facades and balconies.
    • Chimeys, cooling towers.
    • Concrete pavements and pedestrian ways.
    • Airport runways and taxiways.
    • Exposed concrete surfaces (e.g. building façades).
    • Precast concrete elements.
    • Marine structures and jetties.
    • Water repellence treatment of; sand – lime brickwork, hard - bake brickwork, küfeki stone, mineral rendering, absorbent natural stones.


    • Improves the aesthetics by reducing efflorescence, algae growth and dirt build-up.
    • Surface appearance remains unchanged.
    • Penetrates deep into the concrete
    • Prevents water and chloride ion penetration into the concrete and protects it from freezethaw effects.
    • Virtually no product evaporates during spray application, therefore more active silane can reach its intended target minimizing wastage and maximizing coverage.
    • Ready for use, no dilution on the site, which means constant quality.​


    TDS_MasterProtect H 303

    pdf (195.32 Kb)