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    Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Fast repair solutions with minimal cost and downtime

    Master Builders Solutions excels in chemical resistant coatings, surface treatments and fast curing repair mortars for the pharmaceutical industry where heavy chemical and wear resistance, and a fast return to service is essential.

    Our high-performing coatings ensure strong protection from aggressive liquids and chemicals as well as a high level of cleanliness in clean room environments.

    Where deterioration of structures and concrete flooring has occurred our fast curing repair mortars can be applied to re-establish their integrity before the application of our flooring products.

    We also offer a complete line of cementitious and polymer-based precision grouting materials for the stabilization and anchoring of machinery.



    High performance chemical and wear resistant flooring

    Master Builders Solutions offers anti-bacterial flooring systems that provide the highest level of cleanliness as well as wear and chemical resistance within the pharmaceutical sector. From research laboratories to manufacturing and production facilities, our seamless epoxy and polyurethane technology demonstrates an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and thermal shock.

    Specialized Ucrete polyurethane concrete flooring systems set the standards for extraordinarily durable floors that are easy to clean and maintain.

    Wherever chemicals and solvents are used, there is a risk of electrostatic discharge. Our antistatic flooring systems are formulated to give chemical and solvent resistance as well as conductive properties that control this static electricity.

    Master Builders Solutions's solutions for flooring are designed for speed of application to ensure fast construction and refurbishment, and therefore a fast return to service.