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    Dual-phase corrosion inhibitor treatment for steel-reinforced concrete

    MasterProtect 8500 CI inhibits the corrosion of steel reinforcement and extends the service life of reinforced concrete structures

    Over the past fifty years, corrosion has emerged as the most significant cause of damage to reinforced concrete structures. Apart from the considerable expenses connected with refurbishment work, the loss of access or use also results in significant cost.

    Extending the service life of concrete structures

    A growing demand for longer service lives and the need to rehabilitate and renovate existing buildings have led to calls for preventive and repair techniques that match these durability expectations. Increasingly severe climatic, environmental and service conditions pose new challenges for structures designed for longer service lives.

    Benefits of the MasterProtect 8500 CI corrosion inhibitor

    icon_money MasterProtect 8500 CI allows significant cost reductions compared with traditional concrete repair methods. It is possible to avoid expensive concrete repairs in the case of slight and moderate corrosion damages and to preserve the structures with corrosion treatment. In addition, minimized down times and disturbance to occupants also lead to significant cost reductions. Total project savings can exceed 50% depending on the conditions.


    icon_people.jpg 100 + years

    More than a century of corrosion knowledge and experience. Our local exper ts help you to find the most efficient solution for concrete protection.

    icon_pinsel.jpg 1 component

    MasterProtect 8500 CI is a single-component corrosion inhibitor – it is ready to use and no extra material is needed.

    How MasterProtect 8500 CI inhibits the corrosion process

    MasterProtect 8500 CI is a dual-function, silane-based, surface-applied corrosion inhibitor, suitable for use as part of a corrosion prevention, protection, or inhibition strategy. It is a revolutionary blend of high-quality silanes with an additional corrosion inhibitor, which is activated by moisture penetrating the surface due to cracking or aging of the concrete.

    MasterProtect 8500 CI has two functions. The silane base provides similar benefits to water-repellent sealing compounds, and the integral corrosion inhibitors are carried into the concrete along with the silane. The inhibitors remain in the concrete until the water repellency diminishes over time, or until the concrete cracks. They then become mobile and are carried deeper into the concrete by moisture. MasterProtect 8500 CI has a surface tension roughly 1/3 that of water, and low viscosity to improve penetration into concrete.  In addition, MasterProtect 8500 CI has a very low viscosity to improve penetration into the concrete over a wide temperature range, a lower VOC content and a higher flash point which all together makes the handling of the product and its application much easier and safer than many other inhibitors.

    Concrete structures need protection from corrosive substances






    Saving costs in the long run

    We can prove that our product is cost-effective

    icon_assemble.jpgMaster Builders Solutions has drawn upon expert knowledge from the industry to develop a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool to assist our customers with this task.
    The output of an analysis can be readily made available to the project team in the form of a report.




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