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    MasterTop 430

    Mineral and Corundum Aggregated Surface Hardener​


    MasterTop 430 is a cement based, mineral and corundum aggregated surface hardener designed to be applied as a dry shake over freshly floated surface concrete which will be exposed to heavy duty.


    • Easily applied on freshly floated surface concrete.
    • With its modified polymers, it absorbs the water of the surface concrete on which it has been applied and forms a monolithic structure with bare concrete.
    • Do not oxidize.
    • Hardener applied surface is 4-6 times more resistant to abrasion than bare concrete.
    • Contains properly sized and graded corundum aggregate.
    • Resistant to freeze-thaw circle.
    • Resistant to flaking due to the salt application against freezing.


    MasterTop 430 is designed to ensure durability in applications where floor is subject to medium and heavy traffic and where a non-dusting surface is required. It will improve and enhance the performance of all concrete floors.
    • Used in workshops
    • In energy stations
    • In garages
    • In car parks
    • In storage areas
    • In loading bays
    • In factories
    • In shipyards
    • In aircraft hangars
    • In car wash shops
    • In helicopter landing sites​

    Technical Data Sheet​


    TDS_MasterTop 430

    pdf (208.08 Kb)