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    ​Underground Construction

    Solutions for mining and tunneling

    Master Builders Solutions, with its global underground construction team, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions focused on your needs in the tunneling and mining industries.

    By accompanying you from the start of your project and understanding the issues that are important to you, we contribute to your success. We support you with product training and quality control, and our professional technical services team is on hand around the clock, helping you with technical advice and trouble shooting.

    Our technology portfolio for mining and tunneling includes:

    TBM Chemistries

    The Master Builders Solutions brand offers a comprehensive line of TBM specific products for improving operational efficiency in soft ground and hard rock TBM excavation.

    We offer laboratory resources to carry out project specific testing, aiding customers with selections of soil conditioning as well as operational improvement products prior to the drive commencing. This reduces the normal iterative cycle and provides efficiency from the initial drive.  What is this word iterative?

    Our globally connected team provides technical consulting at every stage of the project, from planning to completion, supporting our customers to address their challenges.

    MasterRoc TBM chemistries

    Injection Systems

    To counteract the risks of unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during mining and tunneling, the Master Builders Solutions brand offers a complete range of pre-injection technologies that help prepare the ground ahead of the advancing face. Master Builders Solutions also supplies technologies for post-injection, stabilization of soils and structural repairs.

    Our range of high-performing products includes microcements, mineral grouts, and polyurea silicates that are used for waterproofing, strata stabilization, ground consolidation and void filling. Also included are acrylic resins that strengthen and stabilize the ground, and foaming, hydrophilic polyurethanes.

    MasterRoc injection systems

    Waterproofing Membranes

    Conventional sheet membranes are unsuitable for complex tunnel shapes and susceptible to leakages. The Master Builders Solutions brand offers an innovative spray-applied waterproofing membrane.  Applied as a sandwich construction between sprayed/cast concrete shells, the system provides excellent bonding between membrane and concrete to facilitate composite shell linings and eliminating potential water paths.

    MasterSeal 345 waterproofing membrane

    Sprayed Concrete Chemistries

    In order to achieve early and long-term strength in ground support, the Master Builders Solutions brand offers a comprehensive range of products that allow durable sprayed concrete structures to be constructed successfully and safely. These products are developed to suit your site requirements, offering compatibility to local cements and the critical characteristic of fast set time.

    Our innovations in alkali-free accelerators are a safe and essential part of modern sprayed concrete.

    MasterRoc sprayed concrete chemistries

    Backfill Technologies

    MasterRoc’s range of mine backfill technologies have been developed to provide the optimum balance of high early strength and sustainable long term strength, ensuring dimensional stability after placement by meeting (or exceeding) design fill performance requirements.

    Master Builders Solutions' range of backfill admixtures includes specialized rheology modifiers, hydration control, and durability enhancers that can be either used alone or in a combination to improve backfill durability.

    We push back the conventional physical limits with our innovative technologies such as hydration control, water reducers, superplasticizers, viscosity modifying admixtures (VMAs) etc., and depending on our customers’ requirements, we can control and achieve retardation, acceleration, rheology control, modified viscosity, reduce yield stress and pumping pressures. Furthermore we can stabilize fines in the fill matrix and reduce slime run off, segregation and porosity, enhance strength development and optimize binder content.

    MasterRoc backfill technologies

    Thin Spray-On Liner (TSL)

    In hard and soft rock mining, changes in humidity and temperature affect weak strata, causing rock falls and rib degradation. Effective surface support and the protection against weathering of rock and strata are critical to the safety, efficiency and longevity of any mining operation.
    MasterRoc TSL 865 thin spray-on liner is a ready-to-use, fast-setting polymer offering progressively increasing tensile strength development. It provides an excellent bond to almost any substrate, including concrete, rock and coal.
    Applied with simple dry shotcrete equipment, MasterRoc TSL 865 can be sprayed quickly for easy, efficient use underground to protect the substrate from water and humidity.

    MasterRoc TSL 865 thin spray-on liner