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    ​eTools for using innovative concrete technologies

    As part of Master Builders Solutions' commitment to sustainable construction, we have developed a series of electronic tools for architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and concrete producers for utilizing innovative concrete technologies. These interactive custom tools enable individual project analysis and concrete technology solutions for both economic and environmental challenges in building sustainable concrete structures.

    If you would like to request use of these eTools or a consultation with a Master Builders Solutions representative, please contact your local sales representative or our Technical Service representatives. For questions or technical support on our eTools, please call 1-800-628-9990 or email [email protected]. Please note: All Master Builders Solutions eTools are reserved for members of the construction community doing business with Master Builders Solutions.

    Master Builders Solutions Integrated Durability-Sustainability Wizard

    The award-winning Master Builders Solutions​ Integrated-Durability Sustainability (BIDS) Wizard is a user-friendly program that takes complex requirements and provides solutions for sustainable construction. It facilitates the selection of concrete admixture products and technologies to address various durability issues, as well as those that may potentially contribute to earning LEED credits for a structure.

    Who benefits from this tool? Architects, engineers, specifiers, contracotrs, concrete producers

    Consistent Concrete Value Tool

    Consistent concrete requires minimal to no on-site adjustment of the concrete mixture or to the casting, consolidating and finishing processes on a batch-to-batch or day-to-day basis.The Consistent Concrete Value Tool (CCVT) was developed to model the dollar savings potential a concrete producer can achieve with more consistent concrete.

    Who benefits from this tool? Concrete producers

    MasterSet DELVO Value Calculator

    The MasterSet DELVO Value Calculator tool calculates the economic and environmental value of using the MasterSet DELVO technology to manage the disposal of returned plastic concrete, concrete residue and concrete wash water.

    Who benefits from this tool? Concrete producers

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis for Green Sense Concrete is a customized, strategic environmental life-cycle tool that evaluates the environmental and economic impact of ready-mixed concrete for construction projects. Based on user inputs, the results are specific to the project being analyzed.

    Who benefits from this tool? Architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, concrete producers

    Macro-Polymeric Fiber Dosage Wizard

    The Macro-Polymeric Fiber Dosage Wizard is a one-of-a-kind tool that helps to determine the type and amount of macrosynthetic fibers required to replace small diameter bars or welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) used as secondary reinforcement for temperature and shrinkage.

    Who benefits from this tool? Architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, concrete producers

    Surface Evaporation Wizard

    The Surface Evaporation Wizard helps to ensure quality concrete by providing guidance to minimize the potential for plastic shrinkage cracking due to surface evaporation of bleed water. This eTool uses prevailing ambient conditions on placement day, and specific information on the concrete mixture, to estimate the evaporation of bleed water from the surface of a concrete slab.

    Who benefits from this tool? Concrete producers, contractors

    eTools Suite One

    eTools Suite One, comprised of the MasterLife ASR 30 Dosage Calculator, Chloride Ion Content Estimator and RCP (Rapid Chloride Permeability) Estimator, is a suite of etools designed to assist concrete producers in optimizing admixture dosages and concrete mixture proportions to meet specification requirements for durability.

    Who benefits from this tool? Concrete producers