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    Concrete Masonry Producers

    Enhanced productivity, superior quality and workability.

    The Master Builders Solutions brand supports the production of manufactured concrete products by offering a complete line of admixtures that meet and exceed today’s demanding requirements in production, performance and aesthetics.

    Our innovations focus on increasing production speed and quality in the manufacturing of concrete products such as pavement slabs, blocks, roof tiles and hollow core slabs while addressing four core values – economics, performance, aesthetics and durability.

    Our products enable production of durable products by allowing concrete to flow easily into molds for efficient compaction. In addition, our products are robust in providing early strength and faster setting. Complementary products have also been developed to enhance the color and appearance by increasing their resistance to water and efflorescence (white mineral deposits that appear on concrete surfaces). The result is a smooth, seamless finish.

    Read about Master Builders Solutions products:

    MasterAir: air-entraining admixtures

    MasterCast: concrete enhancers for manufactured concrete producers

    MasterFiber: crack control fibers

    MasterFinish: concrete surface and finish enhancing admixtures

    MasterKure: curing agents

    MasterLife: corrosion resistant admixtures

    MasterSet: concrete setting-time adjusters