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    Flooring challenges in industrial or commercial floors

    Industrial or commercial floorings are required to withstand tough environments, against aggressive chemicals; mechanical and thermal stress as well as heavy wear and tear. The flooring solutions provided must also be heavily flexible in terms of functionality and design, and capable of ensuring a high level of indoor air quality. 

    One-stop solutions for all your flooring needs

    Master Builders Solutions Singapore supplies flooring systems that are specialized for a wide range of application needs. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we are leaders in the research and development of innovative flooring products that meet our customers' needs. Because floor requirements vary, our products have been developed to match specific performance, technical and aesthetic criteria, balancing cost, time constraints, and speed of installation to provide the optimum flooring solution.

    MasterTop cementitious coatings – featuring economical hard cementitious toppings and dry shake floors that are based on sand, special cements, color pigments, and hard aggregates. They feature extremely high mechanical resistance and therefore are well suited for factories and warehouses, giving outstanding cost-effective solutions for new build projects.

    MasterTop epoxy coatings – commonly used in factories and warehouses because of their aesthetics, ease of cleaning, mechanical strength, and resistance to corrosive liquids such as chemicals, oil, salt, and diluted acids.

    MasterTop polyurethane coatings featuring seamless flooring systems that are crack and scratch resistant, UV resistant, exceptionally tough, attractive, and pleasant to walk on, sustainable, and very durable. Typically used in environments such as public spaces, retail, commercial, education, and healthcare sectors.

    Ucrete industrial flooring – advanced polyurethane flooring technology for harsh environments. Demonstrates extraordinarily high resistance to mechanical, chemical, and thermal stress, retaining its integrity at temperatures of up to 130°C. Has been proven for more than 40 years to meet the most stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements. Ucrete is widely used in the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical ​industries to provide long-lasting flooring solutions in aggressive environments.

    ​Ucrete industrial flooring for a safer working environment