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    MasterSeal sealants and waterproofing solutions

    How does​​​ MasterSeal work?

    The MasterSeal portfolio of hand and spray-applied waterproofing products is formulated to stop water leakages and moisture ingression in a variety of new and existing structures. Our versatile, market-leading, and innovative technologies are suitable for waterproofing concrete in all types of constructions including car parks, traffic decks, industrial sites, water management facilities​ for potable water and wastewater, pipes, and belowground structures.

    What makes Mas​terSeal a unique waterproofing solution for customers?

    Local construction expertise coupled with over 100 years of product manufacturing knowledge has led to countless high-profile construction and waterproofing successes worldwide. Our global network of experts provides owners, investors, specifiers, and applicators with the technical solutions necessary to complete challenging projects.

    In demanding applications such as those on parking decks​, bridges, and stadiums, where structures are constantly exposed to the elements and subject to abrasive conditions, our high-performance waterproofing traffic membranes​​​ deliver outstanding durability and long life cycles.

    The construction industry benefits from our detailed knowledge of the corrosive environment in wastewater facilities, coupled with over a century of concrete repair and protection knowledge. This positions Master Builders Solutions to be the leader in water management solutions worldwide. Our superior technologies are strenuously tested to ensure adherence to local standards and high performance under local environmental conditions.

    Watertight one-stop waterproofing solutions for all structures

    Our tailored product combinations comprise the fastest and easiest to install technologies available. We create a complete system solution approach, resulting in the most cost-effective and time-efficient waterproofing solutions for each project.

    Expert consultation and product compatibility between waterproofing and repair systems are essential to a successful project.

    MasterSeal CR 460

    MasterSeal CR 460 is a two component polyurethane joint sealant and exhibits good chemical resistance across a wide range of chemicals.

    MasterSeal 555

    MasterSeal 555 is recommended as a waterproofing membrane below concrete, mortar, tiles etc.

    MasterSeal NP 472

    MasterSeal NP 472 is a multipurpose building joint sealant with good weathering and tear resistance.

    MasterSeal NP 474

    MasterSeal NP 474 is a single component polyurethane based floor joint sealant and wall joint sealant with excellent resilience and pick resilience. 

    MasterSeal Protect 1812

    MasterSeal Protect 1812 is used to provide a heavy duty, protective, waterproof and flexible coating.

    MasterSeal Roof 3000

    MasterSeal Roof 3000 provides a crack bridging and UV stable membrane that ensures that water does not penetrate the roof.

    MasterSeal Roof 3500

    MasterSeal Roof 3500 provides a crack bridging and UV stable membrane that ensures that water does not penetrate the roof.


    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

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    Brochure - Sustainable Construction for Future Generations

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    MasterSeal 345: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (155.43 Kb)

    MasterSeal 540 Technical Data Sheet

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    MasterSeal 555: Technical Data Sheet

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