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    ​​​​​​MasterSeal CR 460 - Chemical resistant, polyurethane joint sealant

    ​​​What is MasterSeal CR 460?

    ​MasterSeal CR 460​ is a two component polyurethane joint sealant. It is pourable, self-leveling and exhibits good chemical resistance across a wide range of chemicals. 

    MasterSeal CR 460 is used together with MasterSeal P 460, a two component clear polyurethane primer. ​

    What chemicals is MasterSeal CR 460 resistant to?

    • Dilute mineral acids: chromic, hydrochloric, sulphuric, etc
    • Dilute alkalis and organic acids 
    • Mineral oils, most hydrocarbons, fuels, alcohols and salts
    • Cleaning agents and detergents

    ​​​​​​Where is MasterSeal CR 460 used?

    MasterSeal CR 460 is designed to complement the Master Builders Solutions range of Ucrete, polyurethane, and epoxy resin flooring. This polyurethane joint sealant can be used to seal induced and movement joints in resin floors where a combination of chemical resistance, heat resistance, and the ability to withstand aggressive traffic conditions is required. 

    Typical uses of MasterSeal CR 460 include floors in the food processing, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metal processing industries. ​To learn more about our flooring solutions, click here​

    ​​​What are the benefits of MasterSeal CR 460?

    • ​Good chemical resistance - used in high chemical exposed areas
    • Wear and weather resistance - can be used in trafficable areas
    • Solvent and non-tainting - hygienic and safe to use in food industries
    • Pourable grade - easy to apply
    • Complements the Ucrete​ range of flooring systems​​​

    To learn more about MasterSeal CR 460, contact the local Master Builders Solutions team​.

    How to install​​ MasterSeal sealants

    When working with sealants, the most common cause of "callbacks" is sealant failure due to improper surface preparation and sealant application. Master Builders Solutions defines the five basic steps below for proper joint preparation and sealant application. Care must be taken during each of these steps to ensure the successful installation of our MasterSeal sealants. ​​

    MasterSeal sealants installation guide by Master Builders Solutions

    ​​Other Jo​int Sealant Solutions

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    MasterSeal NP 474 - Resilient, Durable Primeless Sealant and Adhesive for Floor Joints and Wall Joints​


    MasterSeal CR 460: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (177.56 Kb)

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