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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​High performance, odorless and self-smoothing flooring system based on Xolutec technology​

    How does MasterTop XTC work?

    MasterTo​p XTC​ is ​a high performance, odorless, self-smoothing & long-lasting flooring system based on Xolutec® technology. This technology is the result of several years of development work on advancing currently available PU and PUA materials.

    Xolutec - Durability by Design

    Xolutec® developed by Master Builders Solutions experts – uniquely combines complementary chemistries. Optimization of the inter phase interactions between the highly crosslinked resin blocks and the separately cured inorganic elements, creates a high-density organic-inorganic material with outstanding characteristics. This network allows the enhancement of various characteristics. Xolutec®​ enables a wide variety of solutions with enhanced durability.​

    As a result, MasterTop XTC achieves exceptional mechanical properties like impact and abrasion resistance leading to prolonged service life. The odorless application helps installers lay the floor faster and safer. It provides a seamless surface with exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact and is easy to clean. The system is even moisture tolerant and can be applied on 10-day old concrete floors.

    Download MasterTop XTC Technical Data Sheet

    Recommended uses of MasterTop XTC

    MasterTop XTC is recommended for new floors and floors needing refurbishment i.e. where protection from mechanical abuse and aggressive chemical attack is required.

    MasterTop XTC can be used to produce a hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

    Application areas include:

    • Automotive production and assembly lines
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Heavy engineering work
    • shops
    • Aircraft maintenance and assembly​
    • Industrial and Warehousing floors
    • Laboratories

    What makes MasterTop XTC a unique solution?

    • ​Exceptional Chemical Resistance
    • Good Scratch Resistance
    • Substrate Moisture Tolerance
    • Odourless – Easy to handle​

    How can you benefit from MasterTop XTC?

    • O​dorless – Environment friendly and comfortable application
    • Scratch resistance – Longer retention of surface appearance.
    • Fast curing at low temperature – Reduced waiting times even at low temperatures
    • Impact Resistance – Longer life even under aggressive mechanical abuse
    • High Early Strength – Fast return to service; Open to Light vehicular traffic in 24 hrs.
    • Moisture Tolerant – Faster application; Can be applied on 14-day old concrete
    • Chemical resistance – Unaffected by chemical spillages


    MasterTop BC 920: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (167.68 Kb)

    MasterTop P 920: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (116.27 Kb)

    MasterTop XTC Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (187.47 Kb)

    MasterTop XTC: Auto Industry FactSheet

    pdf (932.62 Kb)

    MasterTop XTC: Pharmaceutical Industry FactSheet

    pdf (969.60 Kb)

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