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    SikaFiber®-155 (formerly known as MasterFiber® 155) - Macro Structural Synthetic Polypropylene Fibre

    How does MasterFiber 155 work?

    MasterFiber 155 is a macro synthetic fibre for concrete and shotcrete. It has a history within the mining and construction industry and has been used in major tunneling and underground projects around the region. The use of synthetic fibre reinforced shotcrete outperforms mesh reinforced shotcrete with improved crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption and impact resistance.

    What are the fields of application?

    Synthetic fibre reinforced shotcrete (SFRS) utilizing MasterFiber 155 is typically used in such applications as:

    • Ground Support
    • Tunnel final linings
    • Tunnel repairs
    • Slope stabilization
    • Retaining walls and soil nailing

    What are the features and benefits of MasterFiber 155?

    • Allows shotcrete to follow the contours of the rock face or ground, giving a consistent thickness, which provides a significant reduction in shotcrte consumption.
    • The need to install mesh is eliminated and the decrease in time for which lifting equipment in needed result in reduction of cycle times and overall costs.
    • Elimination of the difficult and dangerous job of installing mesh considerably increases safety on the work site.
    • Increases the crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption and toughness of concrete.


    MasterFiber 155 - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (130.02 Kb)