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    ​Specialist Applicators

    The Master Builders Solutions brand from MBCC Group represents more than a union of market-leading products. Through our comprehensive expertise gained over more than a century on countless construction projects worldwide, Master Builders Solutions' global community of consultants offers a fully integrated approach to specialist applicators, providing technical advice, customized on-site support and product training to improve application quality, efficiency and safety during new construction, maintenance and renovation.

    Functions & Applications


    Repair and Protection

    Our experts understand that to re-establish the structural integrity and extend the service life of the structures, we must look beyond superficial damages to identify the underlying causes of the deterioration. By connecting with you from project start up, we can develop tailor-made, safe and sustainable system strategies that will be compatible with local job-site conditions, and will help building owners by ensuring a quick return to service and prolonged service life.

    Master Builders Solutions’ construction products are formulated for long-term protection of refurbished buildings. Our technologically advanced products are independently tested in compliance with national and/or international standards requirements and range from fast curing repair mortars and concrete strengthening to crack repair, corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings.

    Repairing Concrete





    Master Builders Solutions specializes in tailor-made solutions for a wide range of flooring applications. Our superior quality MasterTop and Ucrete seamless flooring systems are formulated for both decorative and industrial purposes. They also provide the performance characteristics and the technical criteria required by flooring applicators and specifiers such as cost, time constraints and production efficiency.

    The comprehensive MasterTop product family, part of the Master Builders Solutions brand from MBCC Group includes high-performance polyurethane and epoxy flooring systems. These pre-packed liquid-applied and fast-curing resins can be applied from a standing position, allowing for easier and quicker application. Suited to most settings, they feature comfortable, long-lasting and attractive qualities that range from simple monochrome to highly creative decorative effects.

    Our advanced Ucrete industrial flooring goes one step further to provide long-term durable solutions. Widely used in the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Ucrete is ideal for floors that are continuously exposed to aggressive chemicals and mechanical and thermal shock. Ucrete comes pre-packed in kits and we provide extensive training to specially certified Master Builders Solutions applicators for performance optimization.

    MBCC Group's globally placed technical support teams understand that speed of application and a fast return to service are essential. Our experienced technicians work alongside applicators right from the project planning stage. By taking into consideration the entire life cycle of the product, they select the most reliable, sustainable and cost-effective flooring solution which suits the needs of each customer and industry.





    Whether above-grade or below-grade, all building structures are exposed to the destructive force of unwanted water in the form of rainwater, moisture, hydrostatic pressure and contaminated water that over time can compromise the long-term integrity of the structure.

    The majority of these problems often are partially exposed and in joints on the structure's surface where design details meet. Careful consideration at the design stage of these connections extends the lifecycle by limiting cracks and leaks that cause long-term structural damage.

    Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, the MasterSeal portfolio of world-leading hand and spray-applied waterproofing liquid membranes are formulated to stop water leakage and moisture ingression in all types of construction, including parking decks , water management facilities and reservoirs, industrial facilities, roofs and below ground structures.

    Master Builders Solutions's waterproofing experts offer a unique, comprehensive system approach for the effective waterproofing and rehabilitation of any type of new building or refurbishment project. Our globally placed consultants work with investors, owners, specifiers and applicators from project start-up to develop a complete, tailor-made solution, selecting the right combination of waterproofing products, and providing support and training to improve applications, production efficiency and safety.

    Specialist waterproofing applicators convert a set of liquid products into a waterproofing solution that covers all parts and aspects of the structure. Only with the right combination of products and specialized and professional application will waterproofing problems be effectively solved, resulting in a long service life for the treated structures.

    Waterproofing & Sealing
    Worker applying flooring material.