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    ​Solutions for Residential Buildings

    Waterproofing matters, MBCC Group provides solutions for the complete protection of your building

    Master Builders Solutions from MBCC Group supplies complete waterproofing systems that protect the interior of your building.

    Good waterproofing or water resistance is a key factor in ensuring a building’s longevity, energy consumption and comfort. Our high-performance waterproofing technologies include spray and hand-applied systems that once cured, act as monolithic, fully adhered, flexible barriers against water and moisture, protecting the structure and the interior. Because all concrete structures require joints, MBCC Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of sealants that address virtually any construction joint. These sealants create a tenacious bond allowing for movement between two or more surfaces while preventing water, moisture or contaminates from entering the structure. These durable bonds resist water and chemical attack, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.


    Market-leading admixtures with superior workability, strength and finish

    Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, MBCC Group offers a full portfolio of technologically advanced admixtures that help concrete producers with the building of strong, durable, solid homes with minimized environmental impact and the strength to withstand local conditions and temperature extremes.

    As a world leader in the innovation of construction chemicals, the Master Builders Solution brand from MBCC Group combines long-standing expertise with hands on technical support to select appropriate, world-class admixtures that speed up construction, improve concrete strength and workability, and enhance the overall appearance.

    MasterGlenium: high-range water-reducing admixtures.
    MasterPolyheed: non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixtures.
    MasterRheobuild: high-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties.

    Concrete repairs and protection that stand the test of time

    Wherever we live, the refurbishment of our existing buildings gives a considerable return on investment - financially, environmentally and emotionally.

    Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, MBCC Group offers market-leading products that preserve the structural integrity and value of our customers’ assets. From the foundations through to balconies and ceilings, our expertise ensures a quick return to service and long-term durability.

    Our concrete repair mortars and protective coatings provide the first line of defense against all kinds of environmental influences, restoring the original appearance and bringing color, texture and life to older structures and inner cities.

    With globally placed restoration specialists located in all regions of the world, we supply our customers with a unique set of repair and protection solutions that are designed to be compatible with your local conditions.


    Brochure: Master X-Seed - Solutions for concrete hardening acceleration

    pdf (1.43 Mb)

    Brochure: MasterGlenium SKY

    pdf (499.88 Kb)