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    ​​Solutions for the Electronics Industry

    Flooring that stays in control

    The demands on flooring within the electronics industry are wide, with the need for highly controlled, clean and electronically stable conditions.

    Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, MBCC Group offers solutions for durable flooring systems that can facilitate regular cleaning and successfully reduce or avoid the generation of static charges.

    Specially modified epoxy flooring and polyurethane coatings provide static conductive flooring properties as well as resistance to aggressive chemicals and moisture ingress. Our specialized Ucrete polyurethane flooring systems provide the benchmark in robust conductive flooring.

    We work alongside our customers to determine the best measures to control unwanted static electricity for maximum product safety, while taking into consideration the challenges of quick installation, fast curing and mechanical and chemical loads.



    A silicon wafer is immersed in a chemical bath containing cleaning chemicals by two laboratory assistants.


    Brochure: MasterFlow - Solutions for Power Industry

    pdf (1.42 Mb)

    Ucrete Brochure

    pdf (10.83 Mb)