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    Sika® ViscoCrete® ACE 8380 (formerly known as MasterGlenium® ACE 8380) - New generation polycarboxylic ether superplasticiser admixture

    How does MasterGlenium ACE 8380 work?

    MasterGlenium ACE 8380, an essential component of ZERO ENERGY SYSTEM, is an innovative second generation of polycarboxylic ether polymers superplasticiser. The particular molecular configuration of MasterGlenium ACE 8380 accelerates the cement hydration. Rapid absorption of the molecule onto the cement particles, combined with an efficient dispersion effect, exposes increased surface of the cement grains to react with water.

    As a result of this effect, it is possible to obtain earlier development of the heat of hydration, rapid development of the hydration products and, as a consequence, higher strengths at very age.

    ZERO ENERGY SYSTEM is based on a combination of the avant-garde admixture MasterGlenium ACE 8380 and the innovative technology of rheodynamic concrete. The ZERO ENERGY SYSTEM has been developed to help the precast concrete producer to rationalise his production process and save on energy costs combined with improved quality of the product and the working conditions.

    Recommended uses:

    MasterGlenium ACE 8380 is compatible and recommended for use with

    • MasterMatrix admixtures to produce rheodynamic concrete
    • MasterAir, air entraining admixture, to improve freeze thaw resistance
    • MasterRoc MS 610, silica fume, for high performance concrete and increased durability in chemical aggressive environments
    • MasterLife SF 100 for producing shrinkage compensated concrete
    • MasterKure curing compound for protection of fresh concrete to prevent rapid evaporation of water.

    Note: MasterGlenium ACE 8380 is not compatible with the MasterRheobuild superplasticisers.

    What are the features and benefits of MasterGlenium ACE 8380?

    • Produce rheoplastic and rheodynamic concrete having a low water cement ratio
    • Optimise the curing cycles by reducing curing time or curing temperature
    • Eliminate the heat curing
    • Eliminate the energy required for placing and compaction and curing (XERO ENERGY)
    • Increase productivity
    • Improve surface appearance
    • Produce durable precast concrete elements as per EN 206-1
    • As compared to the traditional superplasticisers, the engineering properties such as early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths, bond to steel, modulus of elasticity, shrinkage, creep and impermeability are improved.


    MasterGlenium ACE 8380 - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (100.40 Kb)