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    Sika® ViscoCrete® SKY 8727 R (formerly known as MasterGlenium® SKY 8727R) - A performance admixture specially developed for RMC

    How does MasterGlenium SKY 8727R work?

    MasterGlenium SKY 8727R is a liquid plasticizing admixture based on polycarboxylate polymers designed to improve performances in normal ready mix rheoplastic concrete. It increases production efficiency and develops higher strength in both early and hardened concrete. It is less cement sensitive and likely compatible with all brands and types of cementitious products and curing systems.

    Recommended uses:

    • Concrete with less water content than with concentional admixtures
    • Faster mixing logistics during large jobs
    • Use in concrete where delayed setting and extended workability is desired
    • Mass-concrete pours
    • Ready-mixed concrete
    • Long distance transportation of concrete
    • Pumped concrete
    • Hot weather concreting

    What are the features and benefits of MasterGlenium SKY 8727R ?

    • "Superplasticising" effects for high slump applications
    • Dramatic reduction in water requirement at equal slump
    • Improved workability at equal water content compred to a non-treated mix
    • Improved pumpability
    • Improved cohesiveness and mouldability of the mix
    • Easier placing and finishing
    • Improved colour, texture and uniformity
    • Excellent slump retention
    • Reduced cracking
    • Reduced permeability
    • Increased durability
    • Increased compressive and flexural strength


    MasterGlenium SKY 8727R - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (154.21 Kb)