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    ​MasterGlenium SKY 8888 - High Performance Polycarboxylic Hyperplasticiser for Smart Dynamic Concrete

    How does MasterGlenium SKY 8888 work ?

    MasterGlenium SKY 8888 is a new generation high performance super-plasticiser based on modified polycarboxylic ether polymers with super retention technology and designed for use in Smart Dynamic Concrete. It works together with a new unique viscosity-modifying agent MasterMatrix polymer technology, with its tailored mode of action enabling the right balance between high fluidity and stability of concrete. It can highly effective in solving the stability problem with the high flowing low grade concrete, especially in self compacting problem, and the senses problem of using polycarboxylate ether polymer admixture on low grade concrete. This product can highly improve the concrete mixture through its high water reduction and slump retention ability, so that the value benefit of Smart Dynamic concrete can be showed.

    What are the recommended uses ofr MasterGlenium SKY 8888?

    • Ready-mixed concrete and site mixed concrete
    • Reinforcement concrete and lean concrete
    • High durable concrete
    • Mass concrete
    • Pump concrete






    MasterGlenium SKY 8888 - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (189.22 Kb)