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    Sika® Antisol®-128 (formerly known as MasterKure® 128) - Polymeric emulsion based, concrete curing compound

    How does MasterKure 128 work?

    MasterKure 128 is a ready to use, clear membrane curing compound based on selected polymeric emulsion, which when applied on to freshly placed concrete surfaces provides an efficient curing membrane with excellent non yellowing properties. The curing compound is also offered with a fugitive dye as MasterKure 128FD for easier identification of coated areas.

    MasterKure 128 is suitable for curing all general purpose freshly placed or deshuttered concrete and mortar, both indoors and outdoors, such as;

    • Concrete floors
    • Exposed architectural concrete

    What makes MasterKure 128 a unique solution?

    MasterKure 128 reduces surface cracking by retaining moisture in the concrete.

    How can you benefit from MasterKure 128?

    • Greater moisture retention in mortar and concrete
    • Facilitates more efficient hydration of cement for greater strength and superior wear resistance
    • Non staining- Suitable for exposed architectural concrete
    • Available with a fugitive dye
    • Treated area easily identifiable. No wasteful repetitive coatings or risk of untreated areas


    MasterKure 128 - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (194.39 Kb)