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    Sika® Antisol®-181 (formerly known as MasterKure® 181) - Acrylic resin based, multi-role curing, sealing and protective membrane

    How does MasterKure 181 work?

    MasterKure 181 is a non-degrading, membrane forming liquid based on specially formulated acrylic resin suitable for curing newly placed or freshly deshuttered concrete; assists in the retention of water during hydration. The resultant film retains sufficient moisture in the concrete to ensure full hydration of the cement; essential for optimum strength development. The cured concrete is typically harder and exhibits a dust free surface with a reduced incidence of drying shrinkage cracks. Additionally, the membrane acts as a primer system for many subsequent surface finishes that do not rely on penetration for substrate bond. When applied to floors, the MasterKure 181 seals and dustproof the surface,eliminating the primary source of abrasion and enhancing durability.

    MasterKure 181 is available as a clear translucent liquid and white solar reflective version

    Recommended uses:

    • As a more effective and economical alternative to separate curing and priming/sealing regimes.
    • Suitable for use on all concrete surfaces.
    • Surfaces subject to finishing treatments.
    • Economical enhancement of concrete flatwork.
    • In high-rise construction to eliminate the requirement for water.

    What makes MasterKure 181 a unique solution?

    MasterKure 181 helps in minimising water curing and allows concrete to cure with available inbuilt moisture. It forms layer over casted concrete which will not allow to evaporate insider moisture.

    What are the features and benefits of MasterKure 181?

    • Improves moisture retention in concrete
    • Prevents rapid water evaporation
    • Sealer & dustproofer
    • Good abrasion resistance – long protection
    • Reduces drying shrinkage
    • Reduces the incidence of hairline cracks
    • High curing efficiency
    • Available in Solar reflective grade
    • Non – degrading – no removal required
    • Act as primer for protective coatings & bitumen