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    MasterProtect 8000 CI

    Advanced organofunctional corrosion inhibition for concrete protection

    What is MasterProtect 8000 CI?

    MasterProtect 8000 CI is a single component, ready to use, low viscosity, clear liquid which can be easily spray applied with simple equipment. It penetrates into concrete and inhibits the electro-chemical corrosion process between the rebar and the chloride ions, oxygen and moisture present in the concrete. It is a breathable vapour permeable treatment.
    MasterProtect 8000 CI is the first choice to protect structures where corrosion induced problems might occur. Those problems occur very often where deicing salts or chlorides will get in contact with the concrete structure. These are concrete structures like:

    • Bridge decks, columns and piers
    • Car Parks
    • Concrete facades exposed to sea climate
    • Marine structures and jetties

    What makes MasterProtect 8000 CI a unique solution?

    MasterProtect 8000 CI dramatically reduces chloride induced corrosion of reinforced concrete and reduces corrosion in carbonated reinforced concrete. Itcombines the proven effectiveness of penetrative silane treatments for the control of moisture and chloride ion ingress with advanced organofunctional corrosion inhibition. While the transparent liquid penetrates deep into the concrete it does not form a layer on the concrete surface. The original appearance of the concrete surface remains unchanged.


    MasterProtect 8000 CI: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (192.38 Kb)