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    Sika® Stabilizer TCC 780 (formerly known as MasterRoc® TCC 780) – Liquid pumping aid

    How does MasterRoc TCC 780 work?

    MasterRoc TCC 780 is a highly effective pumping aid that makes the concrete thixotropic and easy to pump, eliminating the risk of segregation. It is specially designed to considerably improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete and is ideally suited to:

    • Wet-mix sprayed concrete applications
    • Cast concrete
    • Concrete with low cement content
    • Concrete with deficient aggregate grading or low fine content
    • Annulus grouting (TBM)

    What are the unique features of MasterRoc TCC 780?

    • Improved pumpability, especially with low cement content, lack of fines and badly graded aggregates
    • Reduces the risk of segregation even at high slump

    How does MasterRoc TCC 780 benefit customers?

    • Improved concrete sprayability and less rebound
    • Higher cohesion, which allows reduced accelerator consumption


    MasterRoc TCC 780 - Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (200.82 Kb)