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    MasterSeal PG 470 - High performance, elastomeric joint sealant (Pouring Grade)

    How does MasterSeal PG 470 work?

    MasterSeal PG 470 is a high grade, polysulphide based sealant possessing outstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, ultraviolet light and attach by chemicals present in industrial atmospheres. It has the ability to withstand repeated cycles of compression and extension over a wide temperature range, and has excellent adhesion properties to all materials commonly employed in building and construction work.

    What are the applications of MasterSeal PG 470?

    MasterSeal PG 470 is formulated to be applied using a sealant gun but may be applied by trowel if required.

    What is the application temperature of MasterSeal PG 470?

    MasterSeal PG 470 should be applied when the ambient temperature is between 4oC and 50oC. When the temperature is below 10oC storage at room temperature for several hours will ease mixing and application.