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    MasterSeal 501/502 - Deep penetrative, reactive, capillary waterproofing system for concrete and mortar

    How does MasterSeal 501/502 work?

    MasterSeal 501 and MasterSeal 502 are components of Master Builders Solutions' crystalline capillary waterproofing system. These products contain specialist additives that play the role of the catalyst in the formation of water-insoluble crystalline micro-structures deep within the capillaries and interstices of a cementitious matrix of concrete and mortars.

    As the crystalline capillary waterproofing system enables effective pore sealing it does not rely on film formation on the surface and is not affected by the negative hydrostatic pressure. The system is equally effective against positive and negative water pressure or osmotic pressure.

    MasterSeal 501 is the most concentrated form within the Master Builders Solutions' crystalline waterproofing system and contains the maximum amount of specialist catalysts. MasterSeal 501 can be used as a coating, dry shake or as an additive in the concrete or mortar mix.

    MasterSeal 502 is a crystalline re-profiling render, which can be used in conjunction with MasterSeal 501 for patch repairs and as render on the old concrete surfaces.

    Recommended uses:

    MasterSeal 501 and MasterSeal 502 are used for:

    • Water tanks, reservoirs

    • Building basements and foundations

    • Swimming pools and water parks

    • Sewage and water treatment plants

    • Dams, canals, tunnels, harbours

    • Retaining walls and sea defence walls

    • Concrete pipes

    What makes MasterSeal 501/502 a unique solution?

    MasterSeal 501/502 is deeply penetrative, reactive, capillary waterproofing system for making concrete and mortar watertight

    What are the features and benefits of MasterSeal 501/502?

    Imparts integral water tightness to structures.

    Protects from waterborne corrosive agents.

    Permanently active – Crystalline action is reactivated by contact with water.

    Non-toxic and non-tainting – Suitable for use in potable water systems.