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    ​Sikafloor®-1210 (formerly known as MasterTop® 1210) - A multi-component, solvent-free epoxy floor coating system

    How does MasterTop 1210 work?

    MasterTop 1210 is a multi-component solvent-free epoxy floor coating system designed to offer continuous seamless floor protection at thicknesses between 0.7mm- 1.0mm. MasterTop 1210 may be applied to produce either a smooth or profiled finish.

    MasterTop 1210 has good wear and abrasion resistance and is suitable for use in many industrial applications. It can be used as a surface coating where a hygienic and high gloss appearance is required. It provides impermeable protection against common oils, greases, lubricants, aviation fuels or oils such as Skydrol. In addition, it offers good general chemical resistance, but as in all corrosive situations, a full analysis of operating and exposure conditions is required, followed by a reference to chemical resistance data to ensure product suitability.

    Recommended uses:

    MasterTop 1210 may be applied in the following industries:

    • Pharmaceutical and other medical laboratory situations.
    • Industrial production facilities
    • Light engineering workshops
    • Aircraft hangars and maintenance areas.
    • Warehouses
    • Utility rooms and corridors
    • Vehicle movement areas

    This gives examples only and does not constitute a full and comprehensive list. For further information on application possibilities contact Master Builders Solutions Hong Kong Limited

    What are the benefits of MasterTop 1210?

    MasterTop 1210 offers the following advantages:

    • Good wear and abrasion resistance.
    • Easily applied.
    • Smooth high gloss finish for hygienic applications.
    • Good general chemical resistance.
    • Limited maintenance.
    • Durable