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    MasterTop 1327 series - Decorative sound deadening seamless PU flooring systems




    What is MasterTop 1327? 

    MasterTop 1327 offers two of the latest noise deadening flooring systems in the decorative and comfortable flooring market. They have the same smooth, slip resistant, antibacterial, matt or satin matt and low emission properties as any other member of MasterTop 1300 family.
    MasterTop 1327 offers the -16dB and -20dB sound deadening versions.

    MasterTop 1327 -16dB is a unique solid flooring system with the softest properties in our MasterTop 1300 family.

    • Deadens impact noise by -16dB
    • Improves acoustics
    • Soft touch
    • Solid system
    • Low emissions in accordance with AgBB
    • Individual floor design in form and color

    MasterTop 1327 -20dB is a unique solid flooring system with a very durable system build up that provides the best sound deadening properties in the market.

    • Deadens impact noise with -20dB
    • Improves acoustics
    • Durable and Hard wearing system
    • Solid system
    • Low emissions in accordance with AgBB
    • Individual floor design in form and color

    MasterTop 1327 series is suitable both for new buildings and for refurbishment work in existing buildings. Since the product is applied as a liquid, even rooms with unusual shapes will now quickly and easily receive an attractive seamless floor covering.
    MasterTop 1327 series perform best in areas where people demand the most of design and comfort. They will excel in sectors such as:

    • Health care
    • Education
    • Leisure/cultural
    • Commercial

    How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterTop 1327 series?

    The idea is simple but effective: we have developed a decorative MasterTop 1327 flooring system series with a liquid-applied elastic layer. The special feature of this elastic layer is its sound deadening properties, thus reducing noise development and improving room acoustics and walking comfort.

    The unique combination of functional and design properties characterises the full potential of MasterTop 1327. Their sheer size makes floors a prominent feature of every interior: depending on your color and design choice, MasterTop 1327 can create a stimulating or calming atmosphere.

    With MasterTop 1327, you will be able to be as creative as you wish for. Thanks to the wide range of colors available, you can create individual designs and let your ideas run free without having to affect the high quality.

    Compared to conventional systems, you will be able to save time and money, since installation time is reduced, construction progress is accelerated and joints are eliminated.

    MasterTop 1327 flooring systems are not only attractive but also meet a variety of functional requirements including impact sound absorption, reduced footfall noise, fire resistance, bacteriostatic properties according to ISO 22196:2007, and high walking comfort


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    MasterTop 1327-16dB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (110.54 Kb)

    MasterTop 1327-20dB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (113.04 Kb)