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    ​​​​​​Freeport copper and gold mine

    Strata consolidation for underground improvement

    Freeport Copper and Gold Mine

    Underground mining

    Products used

    The background​​​​

    The Freeport mine and Master Builders Solutions have had a cooperation history on grouting and repair work for over 20 years. Since October 2010, the Master Builders Solutions team has been providing a professional solution for ground stabilization and access to undeveloped areas of the mine.

    Located in Papua, Indonesia, the Freeport mine was opened in 1961 and is the world's lowest-cost copper mine and one of the world's largest gold mines. The Deep Ore Zone (DOZ) underground mine had collapsed due to ground squeezed in 2009 which disrupted overall mine production.

    The challenge

    The ground pressure was so high and had squeezed the underground mine production area with a high convergence value. This situation would disrupt the whole underground mine production.

    Our solution​

    MasterRoc MP 358 SC is a quick-reacting two-component polyurethane injection resin specifically designed for rapid stabilization of strata. It is fast-curing and flexible and expands its volume to a foam factor of up to 3. MasterRoc MP 358 SC is used where high structural strength is required.

    MasterRoc MP 364 Flex is a highly reactive two-component fire resistant polyurea silicate injection resin which is also designed for rapid stabilization of strata. It is fast-curing and non-foaming. The injection resin has further advantages: it does not shrink, and after a quick curing process it achieves a high bonding strength, remaining flexible at the same time. Furthermore, it does not absorb or react by expanding its volume in the presence of water and is therefore also suitable for underwater applications.

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