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    ​​​​Solutions for Parking Decks

    Expert waterproofing solutions for parking structures

    As the global leader, Master Builders Solutions offers unparalleled products under the MasterSeal portfolio, that are proven to cope with the stresses and environmental challenges faced in parking structures.

    Master Builders Solutions has developed a wide range of high performance, waterproof traffic membranes to provide unique solutions that protect parking decks against deterioration from environmental conditions, high traffic, and snow and ice treatments. Our waterproofing products are also formulated to provide exceptional durability, design flexibility, and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

    Because every car park project is unique, our long-standing global expertise ensures that the correct products and systems are recommended to meet local conditions and standards. Our waterproofing sealants and concrete repair products combine to form systems that are designed to return the parking structure back to service as quickly as possible at the lowest lifecycle cost.

    MasterSeal Traffic Systems for car parks

    Car parks are subject to a variety of impacts that will eventually lead to deterioration and the need for repair. Parking structures have to cope with vibration, abrasion, chemical attack (from vehicle fluids), and physical attack (from damage by bumps and scrapes, and the constant movement of vehicles). 

    MasterSeal Traffic systems have been developed to maximize protection and minimize downtime. Explore our brochure​ and our available solutions below: 

    MasterSeal Traffic 1500 MD: Medium duty traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system

    MasterSeal Traffic 2000 HD: Traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system

    MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD: Heavy duty traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system

    MasterSeal Traffic Systems applications in car parks

    MasterSeal Traffic Systems applications in car parks

    Compatible partnerships - our concrete experts are here for you

    For the construction of parking structures that are functional and safe, Master Builders Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of admixtures that provide resistance against extreme weather conditions, changing temperatures and freeze thaw cycles as well as wear and tear from vehicular traffic and deicing salts.

    Our advanced technology helps concrete producers to speed up construction and enhance quality of workmanship by improving concrete strength, pumpability and overall appearance, while ensuring long-term safety and durability.

    Because no two parking structures are the same, our trusted concrete experts combine a long-standing expertise with hands on technical support to help identify the specific needs of each construction project, and create the right solutions for success.

    Expert concrete repair & protection strategies with minimal downtime

    Master Builders Solutions understands the value of a properly repaired, maintained and safe parking structure. A loss in service time results in a loss of revenue for car park owners and an inconvenience for their customers.

    On a daily basis car parks are subjected to constant vehicular traffic wear and tear, adverse conditions such as wind, rain, snow and deicing salts, oil spills and pollution that all accelerate deterioration.

    Regardless of the type of repair, our trusted repair and protection experts help to identify the correct solutions first time, to get the parking structure functioning again at full capacity as quickly as possible.

    Our market leading products range from fast curing repair mortars and concrete strengthening to crack repair and corrosion inhibitors, and are formulated to work together to create the most effective rehabilitation and long-term protection. In addition, we constantly strive to provide new innovations that exceed our customers’ expectations.

    MasterEmaco: Solutions for concrete repair

    MasterBrace: Solutions for concrete strengthening

    MasterInject​: Solutions for concrete injection


    ​​About Master Builders Solutions

    ​Master Builders Solutions is our global brand for the construction chemicals industry. With an active presence in the construction industry for more than 100 years, Master Builders Solutions offers a range of construction chemicals solutions​ to meet the growing demand for high-performance, differentiated and sustainable products in the Asia Pacific. Our comprehensive portfolio of advanced chemical solutions includes concrete admixturescement additives, chemical solutions for underground constructionwaterproofing solutionssealantsconcrete repair​ and concrete protection solutionsperformance grouts, ​and performance flooring solutions​. We collaborate with our customers closely to offer innovative solutions tailored for their projects. Backed by our robust global and local R&D expertise, an international community of construction experts, and a worldwide record of construction projects from which know-how, experience, and insights can be readily harnessed to address any technical specifications or challenges. ​


    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

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    Brochure: MasterSeal Traffic Systems

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