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    ​​​​​​​Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

    Fast repair solutions with minimal cost and downtime

    Repair solutions in food and beverage processing facilities face a number of demanding factors. Most crucially, the need for a rapid return to service as well as resistance to corrosive substances, harsh cleaning regimes, high levels of moisture, and general wear and tear from machinery and trolleys. At Master Builders Solutions, we recommend the application of our fast curing repair mortars which are ideal for patching up deteriorated floors in preparation for flooring surfaces.

    We also offer a complete line of cementitious and polymer-based precision grouting materials for the stabilization and anchoring of machinery and transportation equipment. ​

    Flooring tailored for any challenge

    Master Builders Solutions offers world-leading flooring solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our specialized Ucrete polyurethane flooring systems set the standards for seamless, extraordinarily durable, easy to clean flooring where the speed of application is essential for rapid construction and refurbishment – and a fast return to service. Minimum joints and its dense and impervious nature ensure the ​​stringent hygiene requirements of this sector are met, while the anti-slip properties create a safe working environment.

    Where harsh cleaning regimes using hot water, steam and cleaning chemicals are employed, Ucrete demonstrates outstanding thermal s​hock resistance by retaining its integrity up to temperatures of 130°C. It also features extreme resistance to aggressive chemicals and mechanical stress, providing a long-lasting - and therefore cost-effective - flooring solution.

    ​​​​Ucrete Brochures for the Food and Beverage Industry

    If you are looking for the right flooring for your project, you will want to rely on the expertise and reputation that have been built up over decades. At Master Builders Solutions, our Ucrete polyurethane flooring systems are used throughout the food and beverage industry over the last four decades as its performance in thermal shock resistance, durability, and extreme resistance to aggressive chemicals meets the needs of the industry. Discover more about the benefits of our flooring systems by downloading our brochures. 

    As the floors within a brewery must be dependable, safe, secure and sanitary, Ucrete is a safe, durable and long-lasting flooring system using a unique polyurethane resin technology to gain exceptional resistance against aggressive chemicals as well as extreme mechanical and thermal shock.

    Ucrete for the brewing industry

    Ucrete is one of the most widely used polyurethane flooring in the brewing industry. Find out why in our brochure. 

    Master Builders Solutions partners with some of the leading companies in the poultry industry, providing tailored solutions such as Ucrete flooring systems for abattoirs and processing plants.

    Ucrete for the poultry industry

    Building on a century of construction experience, Master Builders Solutions solves the flooring challenges of the poultry industry with Ucrete. 

    The floors in dairy facilities need to be able to cope with acidic materials, continually wet floors, cleaning chemicals, and high capacity pasteurizers. Products like Ucrete flooring is a specialized flooring material that can withstand such conditions.

    Ucrete for the dairy industry

    Maintaining hygienic flooring is a top priority in milk processing facilities. Discover why Ucrete is the industry benchmark for flooring. 

    As a world leader in performance flooring, Ucrete is one of the most widely used polyurethane flooring materials in the meat industry globally. Download the Master Builders Solutions' Ucrete brochure for the meat industry to find out more.

    Ucrete for the meat industry

    As a world leader in performance flooring, Ucrete is widely used in the food and beverage industry. Discover the benefits of Ucrete in our brochure. 

    Ucrete for the seafood industry Teaser Image

    Ucrete for the seafood industry

    Production downtime is costly so finding a solution that limits maintenance is important. That solution is Ucrete flooring.