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    ​​​Robust Shotcrete reinforcements for Jurong Rock Cavern​


    Location: Singapore

    Market sector: Underground construction

    ​The background

    Jurong Rock Cavern (JRC), an initiative launched by the Jurong Town Council to increase underground oil storage capacity on Jurong Island in Singapore was built at subterranean depths beneath the seabed of Banyan Basin.​ After completion, the project will feature a potential storage capacity of close to 3,000,000m3 (Phase 1 and 2) catering specifically to liquid hydrocarbons like crude oil, condensates, naphtha, and diesel oil.​

    The challenge

    ​The caverns were built using a technique that drills and blasts sedimentary rock, followed by the removal of blasted rock and support of newly exposed rock. 

    However, at a depth of 130m below ground level, it is critical to support the excavated opening and prevent the potential collapse of the cavern, with robust and effective shotcrete reinforcements. 

    ​Our solutions for underground construction

    • MasterGlenium SKY 8403​ - enhances the shotcrete's flowability, allowing it to be conveyed safely over a distance from the batching plant to the place of application without compromising on its performance​
    • MasterRoc HCA 10​ - extends the open time of concrete for completion of shotcreting works, reducing wastage and downtime
    • MasterRoc SA 160 - creates initial set within minutes, bringing the "slept" concrete to provide sufficient support to the cavern

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