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    ​​​​​High performance Ucrete flooring solutions for exceptional durability

    Location: Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan 
    Market sector: Automotive industry

    ​The background

    Atlas Honda Ltd., is one of the major manufacturers of two/four-wheeler vehicles in Pakistan.​ ​Located in Karachi and Lahore, Atlas Honda Ltd.’s production facility flooring is subject to heavy traffic of fork lifts carrying metal parts, metal sheets and die-pressing machines thus require a flooring solutions with good performance, long lasting and durable.

    The challenge

    ​Epoxy flooring has always been Atlas Honda Ltd. preference due to its glossy surface finish and wide range of colors.

    Atlas Honda Ltd. was working on 1-Million Project to increase their production capacity from 0.8 to 1 million motorcycles per year.

    The challenge was to have a long-lasting and durable flooring solution, with multiple color options for workplace management, fast application and short curing time to minimize any loss in planned yearly production.

    Our solution 

    Master Builders Solutions presented Ucrete MF, Ucrete UD200 and Ucrete DPTC​ as holistic solutions to meet the flooring requirements of Atlas Honda Ltd.

    A trial area was installed to demonstrate and affirm the performance of Ucrete to Atlas Honda Ltd. Ucrete UD200 sample patch was applied in the die-pressing workshop which is subjected to heavy traffic of forklift carrying metal parts, metal sheets, and die-pressing machines.

    Ucrete flooring solutions were installed at Atlas Honda Ltd.'s Karachi Plant and Lahore Plant respectively. 

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    Ucrete Destruction Challenge

    Ucrete Destruction Challenge

    Watch how our dense and impervious Ucrete flooring withstand the harshest conditions.

    50 Years of Ucrete - The World's Toughest Floor

    50 Years of Ucrete - The World's Toughest Floor

    For more than 50 years, Ucrete has been used in industries requiring floors with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical impact, and thermal shock. Ucrete floors are suitable for use in aggressive process areas as encountered in the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Ucrete can be installed in a matter of hours or a few days, and, if applied correctly, retains its functionality for decades.