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    ​​MasterCem LS 3300 Series - Cement Performance Enhancer 

    How does MasterCem LS 3300 work?

    MasterCem LS 3300 is a chemically combined composition of ionic halides together with an organic chemicals compound which is both a tertiary amine and a triol, formulated specifically to improve the milling grindability for the production of Portland and other hydraulic cement types. High end raw materials are used in order to guarantee a superior performance of the product.

    MasterCem LS 3300 is compatible with all types of cement. It complies with ASTM C465-99 as a non-harmful processing additive.

    Fields of Application

    MasterCem LS 3300 can be added at the clinker feed conveyer belt or directly into the cement mill’s first compartment. A proper dosing pump is required to ensure the correct dosage into the cement for obtaining the optimum performance. Our technical supports are available to provide assistance in the use of MasterCem LS 3300 with the manual, automatic or computerized dispensing system.

    How can you benefit from MasterCem LS 3300?

    • Reduced cement agglomeration phenomenon for better grinding efficiency.
    • Coating reduction-grinding media, internal liners, diaphragm, separator internal parts, rollers, grinding table, etc.
    • Specifically designed to increase cement compressive strength at all ages especially towards the late compressive strength due to chemically and hydraulically improve reaction.
    • Increased in cement mill output at the same cement fineness up to 15% depending on the raw materials quality supplied.
    • Directly influence the production cost per ton of cement produced.​


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