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    ​​​​SikaGrout®-880 (formerly known as MasterFlow® 880) - Cementitious high strength, non-shrink, iron reinforced precision grout

    What is MasterFlow 880?

    MasterFlow 880 is a non-shrink, iron aggregate precision grout with high early and ultimate strengths. 

    How does Maste​​​​rFlow 880 work?

    MasterFlow 880 is used for all precision, non-shrink grouting applications with clearances of 10mm or more, particularly those requiring maximum dynamic load bearing and impact resistance.

    What are MasterFlow 880 recommended uses?

    MasterFlow 880 is used in the power and heavy industry sectors for all precision, non-shrink grouting applications particularly those requiring maximum dynamic load bearing and impact resistance such as: 

    • ​Turbines, generators, pumps and centrifugal compressors
    • Crane rails, ball mills, crushers
    • Rolling, stamping, drawing and finishing mills for the steel and aluminum industries
    • Critical equipment baseplates, soleplates and columns
    • Anchor bolts and bars
    • Installations requiring high early and ultimate compressive ​strengths 

    What makes MasterFlow 880 a uniq​​​ue solution?

    MasterFlow 880 meets the needs for a high flow cementitious grout with high strength and high ability to take dynamic loading. The special non-rusting iron aggregate makes this MasterFlow 880 approach the ability to cope with dynamic loads like epoxies without the possibility of creep.

    MasterFlow 880​ is formulated to provide extended working time even at high ambient temperatures when mixed and placed at any recommended consistency. It is normally placed at a flowable consistency to completely fill voids between 10mm and 100mm.

    How can you benefit ​​from MasterFlow 880?

    • Iron reinforced – Contains inert iron aggregate as internal reinforcement – Provides improved resistance to heavy impact, vertical and horizontal repetitive loading as well as rotational torque
    • High early strength – ensures rapid commissioning of new equipment and structures
    • High ultimate strength – ensures permanence of the installation under static and repetitive loads
    • Flowable long life grout – easy to grout intricate spaces normally inaccessible by conventional grouting techniques
    • Extended working time – facilitates grouting of large or difficult placements in a single pour, often without the use of a pump
    • Economical – greater volumes of grout can be mixed and handled with less labor
    • Dense, non-shrink grout – hardens free of bleeding, settlement, and drying shrinkage, ensuring tight contact with all grouted surfaces
    • Easy to use – requires no special mixing equipment, it can be mixed in a standard concrete mixer or in a pail using a grout stirrer
    • No added chloride – Does not add to chloride load of the structure

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    Technical Data Sheet MasterFlow 880

    pdf (187.19 Kb)


    Brochure - Comprehensive Solutions for the Wind Industry

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    Brochure - Construction Solutions for Power and Industry

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    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

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