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    MasterFlow 9600 - Bulk supplied, offshore grout for grouting foundations of wind turbine installations

    Where and how does MasterFlow 9600 work?

    MasterFlow 9600 is the revolutionary offshore grout specially developed for use as volume stable skirt backfill for monopile foundations with bolted connections.

    The supply of the material in silo and the installation method using a continuous mixing and pumping system allows the grout to be installed while other activities are ongoing, ensuring that the grouting process does not interfere with the critical path of the foundation installation itself.

    MasterFlow 9600​ has been specially formulated for large scale, pump applications. 
    • Grouting of the non-structural parts of offshore wind turbine installations 
    • For use as high strength grout in offshore foundations like monopiles using bolted connections 
    • For skirt backfilling in offshore applications 
    • Grouting under very harsh conditions, e.g. at temperatures as low as 2°C.

    What makes MasterFlow 9​​600 a unique solution?

    MasterFlow 9600 is a shrinkage compensated grout which when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowable and pumpable grout. The latest best binder packing models and applied cementitious nanotechnology produces a grout with superior technical performance and exceptional rheological properties. MasterFlow 9600 is specially formulated and supplied for continuous mixing and pumping.

    Excelle​nt durability

    • No segregation or bleeding to ensure consistent final physical performance
    • Volume stable.
    • Compressive strength class C60/75, even at cold temperatures.

    Secu​re installation

    • Can be applied in the shortest weather windows. 
    • Excellent strength gain.

    Controlled ​​​and continuous​ material quality

    • Installation with continuous and closed grouting process. No batching of individual mixes. 
    • No dust formation during grouting, ensuring safe handling for grouting workers and other personnel. 

    Fast safe and cost-​​optimized installation

    • Available as silo material. 
    • For applications in a wide temperature range. 
    • Excellent flow and pumping properties reduce installation times and costs 
    • Very fast grout installation: no interference with the critical path of the installation vessel. Grout installed while bolts of the foundation are initially tensioned. 
    • Pumpable through 2” grout lines.


    MasterFlow 9600 brochure

    pdf (318.64 Kb)

    TDS - MasterFlow 9600

    pdf (119.83 Kb)


    Brochure - Comprehensive Solutions for the Wind Industry

    pdf (1.02 Mb)

    Brochure - Construction Solutions for Power and Industry

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    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

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    MasterFlow 9600 Brochure

    MasterFlow 9600 Brochure

    Learn more about MasterFlow 9600, our bulk supplied offshore grout for monopile foundations with bolted connections

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    Comprehensive Solutions for the Wind Industry

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