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    ​​​MasterPozzolith R 300 – Retarding type concrete improving admixture

    How does MasterPozzolith R 300 work?

    MasterPozzolith R 300 retards the setting time to facilitate pumping, placing and finishing.

    MasterPozzolith R 300 has been formulated to meet the requirements of ASTM C494 for Types B and D admixtures. MasterPozzolith R 300 is compatible with all cements meeting recognised international standards.

    What makes MasterPozzolith R 300 a unique solution?

    MasterPozzolith R 300 maintains workability at high temperatures. It helps to eliminate the need for re-tempering thus assuring consistent concrete performance, no loss of concrete strength and no rejections of concrete when placing.

    How can you benefit from MasterPozzolith R 300?

    Highly flowable yet stable concrete mix results in reducing placement times and saving project time as well as labour resources.

    Maintaining the workability of the concrete, even at high temperatures, allows the material to be placed quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring consistency. The consistent workability of the concrete enables placement and finishing leading to easier operations, less wastage and time savings.

    MasterPozolith R 300 provides good cohesion that reduces segregation in the concrete mix. It helps to ensure good homogeneity whilst maintaining workability thus improving the finishing characteristics.

    Download the MasterPozzolith 300 R Technical Data Sheet​


    MasterPozzolith R 300: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (142.79 Kb)


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    Brochure: Admixture Systems from Master Builders Solutions

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