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    ​​​​​MasterRheobuild 1100 - High range water reducing, superplasticiser for rheoplastic concretes


    What is MasterRheobuild 1100?

    MasterRheobuild 1100 is comp​​osed of synthetic polymers specially designed to impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete. A rheoplastic concrete is a fluid concrete with a slump of at least 200 mm, easily flowing, but at the same time free from segregation and having the same water/cement ratio as that of a no-slump concrete (25 mm) with admixture. MasterRheobuild 1100 is chloride free.

    What are MasterRheobuild 1100 recommended uses?

    ​MasterRheobuild 1100 is recommended for:

    • Precast/pre-stress concrete
    • Site batched concrete
    • Pumped concrete
    • Wet Shotcrete Mixes
    • Concrete containing microsilca/ metakaolin
    • Concreting in low temperatures
    • High performance grouts/tunnel backfills
    • Cementitious injection suspensions 

    What makes M​asterRheobuild 1100 a unique solution?

    MasterRheobuild 1100 helps to procude high strength concrete with optimum cement and water content, mainly for precast concrete. It also improves properties of concrete in plastic state to improve ease of placement.

    What are the feature​​​​s and benefits of MasterRheobuild 1100?

    • Controlled set times
    • Produces flowable concrete at reduced W/C
    • High early strengths – Accelerated
    • construction
    • Least dependence on consolidation energy
    • Improved bond strength to concrete
    • Higher modulus of elasticity
    • Increased compressive, tensile and flexural strengths as a benefit of its water-reducing action
    • Reduced permeability - Improved durability
    • Reduced thermal peaks – reduced cracking
    • Highly reliable in-place structural integrity

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    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

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    Brochure: Admixture Systems from Master Builders Solutions

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    MasterRheobuild 1000: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (162.35 Kb)

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