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    ​​​​​​MasterRheobuild 800 - High-range water-reducing admixture

    What is MasterRheobuild 800?

    MasterRheobuild 800​ is a high range water reducing agent designed to produce high slump concrete with good slump retaining capability.

    Where is MasterRheobuild 800 recommended for?

    MasterRheobuild 800 is recommended for use in concrete where delayed setting and longer workability is required or desired. It is therefore ideal for:

    • Mass-concrete pours
    • Ready-mix concrete
    • Long-distance transport
    • Pumped concrete
    • Hot weather concreting 
    MasterRheobuild 800 can be used with all cements and air –entraining admixtures approved under ASTM, AASHTO, and CRD Specifications when air-entrained concrete is specified or desired. When used in conjunction with another admixture, each admixture must be dispensed separately in the mix​.

    What makes MasterRheob​​uild 800 a unique solution?

    MasterRheobuild 800 is a ready-to-use admixture that meets BS 5075 and ASTM C-494 Types F & G requirements for high range water-reducing admixtures.

    How can you benefit from MasterRheobuild 800?

    • “Superplasticising” effect for high slump applications
    • Dramatic reduction in water requirement at equal slump 
    • Improved workability at equal water content compared to a non-treated mix
    • Improved pumpability
    • Very good slump retention
    • Reduced cracking
    • Reduced permeability
    • Increased durability
    • Increased strength - compressive, flexural and bond of concrete to steel

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    MasterRheobuild 800: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (189.15 Kb)


    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

    pdf (2.60 Mb)

    Brochure: Admixture Systems from Master Builders Solutions

    pdf (521.26 Kb)

    MasterRheobuild 1000: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (162.35 Kb)

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